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Bloggin' about building our new home in Keller, TX


We are getting close. We should be in the new house by this time next week. My goal is to be watching the Cowboys beat the Vikings next Sunday night in our new gameroom. But before we can realize that, a few punch list items need to be done. Since the last entry the following has been completed:

– Irrigation system installed
– Fencing completed
– Themostats and security system
– Wood flooring

The loan has been approved and we are supposed to have our completion walk Wednesday of this week. Here are some recent pictures:


We returned from a great trip to Gulf Shores to find our home even closer to completion. Today’s visit revealed the following have been completed since our last visit before Christmas:

– Electrical fixtures & trim (fans, lights, switches)
– Plumbing trim (tub, shower and sink faucets, water heaters, tub skirt)
– HVAC trim (vents, registers, AC compressors)
– Fencing

We saw the final inspection tags for all trades which basically means that everything is good to go as far as the city is concerned. We are 14 days away from our completion date and everything seems to be right on track. The only things still left are irrigation, flooring, landscaping and cleaning. Here are the pictures from today:


We were invited to our new next door neighbors, The Quinns, this afternoon for their Christmas Party so we got to take a peek at more progress. The folowing has been installed in the last few days:

– Driveway and back patio concrete poured
– Walls, ceilings and trim painted
– Countertops, tub, shower and vanity tops installled
– Floor tile in entry, bathrooms, kitchen and laundry

This is probably the last time we will visit until we return from our Xmas trip to Gulf Shores. We can’t wait to see how close we are when we get back. Merry Christmas!! Here is what we saw today:


The 30 day countdown begins today! Our completion date is still set at 1/12/10 and we should be closing and picking up keys Friday of that week – the 15th of January. Today I went to the site at lunchtime to meet a guy who is giving us an estimate on window blinds. The painters were there staining the cabinets and caulking the trim – prepping for painting the walls. The following has been completed in the last few days:

– Forms and rebar set for driveway and back patio concrete
– Cabinets stained
– Fireplace mantel, hearth and surround installed
– Exterior paint applied (still need to paint trim white)

A handful of things are supposed to happen in the next 7 days so we plan to check on it again before we leave next week for a fun week in Gulf Shores with the famiy for Christmas. I’ll probably report one more time before we leave. Here are some pics from the recent visit:


Today I planned to stop by and talk to Dustin about our fence and while I was there was able to see more progress. The following has been accomplished since our last visit:

– Texture applied to walls
– Garage door
– Interior door frames, door slabs and casing
– Window sills
– Attic pull-down stairs
– Handrails and trim in the staircase
– Baseboards in carpeted rooms
– Closet shelvings and rods
– Kitchen and Bathroom cabinetry

The cabinets are installed and then stained in place while the painter is painting the walls. You will see that they are currently unstained in the pictures.

I also told Dustin that we wanted to change the way our fence ties into the house. The way it usually is installed they tie it into the back corner of each side. This created a problem on the north side where the common area sidewalk is because of the way our house sits on the lot. It would have made our backyard awkwardly small and mis-shapen in the corner. So we brought the fence up from the back to tie in about 3/4 of the way up the north elevation. This accomplishes a few things – the backyard is now 25% larger, Mason’s window is inside the fence and Sammy will have a good area to use as his own dog run. The difference in linear footage was only about 15′ of fence but it really opened things up.

Here are the pictures I took today:


The sheetrock was hung in the last 2 days! This was a welcome site and now we can really see what the house is going to be like now that we have walls. I also stopped by Dustin’s office to check on the schedule and it appears a lot will be happening between now and Christmas. Doors, trim, cabinets, countertops and all that good stuff will be installed in no time. Our completion date is set for 1/12/10 barring any problems and our closing should be a week later on the 20th or so. Dustin did tell me that he is being tranferred to Burleson to a new community and that Shawn the Builder is going to be out for 2 weeks around Christmas for a surgery. But he assures me that everything should still move fluidly. We certainly hope so! Here are some pics of the sheetrock:


We returned this afternoon from a great trip to North Carolina with the family and we couldn’t resist going to see what progress was made while we were gone. It was rainy and cold out there today but I got to see the following items were complete since last week:

– Insulation
– Siding caulked and ready for paint
– Green tags all around!

Yes, we have green tags. Shawn showed up while I as snooping around and showed me that the exhaust fan issue was fixed and the framing inspection passed too. Therefore he said sheetrock will be hung starting tomorrow probably. He also showed me a freebie we are getting. Above the gas fireplace they added in a recessed power/cable alcove if we decide to hang a flat-panel TV over the mantel. If not, we can just cover the alcove with a painting or something. So that is great. There is a 1″ conduit that runs down to the side wall so I can fish lines for DVD, HDMI, etc.

I also saw an issue with a window in the living room that will need to be addressed. It looks like the vinyl is bent down near the right lockset. Not sure how that happened but they will either have to give us an appearance allowance at closing or replace the window. It does not affect the operation of the window at all so we will decide how to handle that later.

Per Shawn we should have sheetrock installed, taped, floated, sanded and textured and the exterior painted within a week. We shall see! Here are some pics from today:


Today I met Shawn The Builder at the house and we had a quick meeting to go over all the in-wall items to make sure we are on the same page before the sheetrock is installed. We confirmed the following add-ons we made were in fact installed properly:
– Dual floodlights on the northeast corner to light up the backyard
– Carriage light on the right front of the garage
– Pre-wiring for TV on back patio
– Locations of data, phone, plugs in Living, Bedrooms and Kitchen
– Mop sink plumbing in garage
– Beer fridge outlet in garage
– Placement of motion sensors and keypads for security system

I also showed him the upstairs exhaust vent that was broken (which he didn’t know about but the city inspector red-tagged him for) and the leaky p-trap from the upstairs shower – that had already been fixed.

Shawn confirmed that the plumbing had passed inspection and that he would now call for the electrical final inspection. Obviously the mechanical will have to be re-inspected now that the exhaust vent needs to be fixed. Not sure that will happen this week so we are expecting sheetrock to go up the first week of December.

We , on the other hand, are off to North Carolina for a week of R&R with the family – and to meet our newest niece and Mason’s latest cousin, Calla Elizabeth Nathison who was born last week.


This weekend was good for 2 reasons:

1) The Cowboys were outplayed for 90% of the game but still beat the Redskins,
2) Our house is ready for sheetrock.

Yesterday we visited 8904 Manana St. and found the following had been installed in the last week:
– Electrical (switches and outlets, wiring and boxes)
– Recessed lighting fixtures
– Exhaust fans
– Data cables (internet and phone)
– Ductwork
– Air conditioner/furnace in attic
– Sheetrock delivered to site and waiting for install

The rest of the siding and trimwork on the exterior has also been installed. The window from last week that they had to replace has been done with the correct white one. We did notice a couple items that need to be addressed. In the upstairs bathroom the exhaust fan vent line is torn and needs to be replaced (see picture) and they had the upstairs shower plugged full of water to check the drain for leaks and it was in fact leaking – down through to the floor in the entry hallway.

The good thing is that we have our pre-sheetrock meeting with Shawn tomorrow so I can make sure he is fixing these problems. The pre-sheetrock meeting is where we review placement of all in-wall/ceiling utilities and services to make sure we don’t want to change anything else placement-wise. Once we sign off on that they will order the final inspections of those items and they should be able to hang sheetrock and move forward. We are hoping that when we get back from North Carolina for Thanksgiving that they have the sheetrock installed.

Here are the past week’s pictures:


Yesterday after I picked Mason up from Aunt Chris’s after work I stopped by and the crew was working late into the afternoon on laying down the roof shingles and putting the siding up on the sides of the house. You can also see where the front window has been removed – that is because they installed the wrong color and had to replace it. Jen and I noticed that all the other windows were white like they should be but the front one was “almond” colored. I called Dustin on it and clearly they had the wrong one in there because it was removed today.

Here is a picture of what I saw yesterday:

Workers installing roof and siding