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Insulation & Green Tags

We returned this afternoon from a great trip to North Carolina with the family and we couldn’t resist going to see what progress was made while we were gone. It was rainy and cold out there today but I got to see the following items were complete since last week:

– Insulation
– Siding caulked and ready for paint
– Green tags all around!

Yes, we have green tags. Shawn showed up while I as snooping around and showed me that the exhaust fan issue was fixed and the framing inspection passed too. Therefore he said sheetrock will be hung starting tomorrow probably. He also showed me a freebie we are getting. Above the gas fireplace they added in a recessed power/cable alcove if we decide to hang a flat-panel TV over the mantel. If not, we can just cover the alcove with a painting or something. So that is great. There is a 1″ conduit that runs down to the side wall so I can fish lines for DVD, HDMI, etc.

I also saw an issue with a window in the living room that will need to be addressed. It looks like the vinyl is bent down near the right lockset. Not sure how that happened but they will either have to give us an appearance allowance at closing or replace the window. It does not affect the operation of the window at all so we will decide how to handle that later.

Per Shawn we should have sheetrock installed, taped, floated, sanded and textured and the exterior painted within a week. We shall see! Here are some pics from today:


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