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Doors, Trim & Cabinets

Today I planned to stop by and talk to Dustin about our fence and while I was there was able to see more progress. The following has been accomplished since our last visit:

– Texture applied to walls
– Garage door
– Interior door frames, door slabs and casing
– Window sills
– Attic pull-down stairs
– Handrails and trim in the staircase
– Baseboards in carpeted rooms
– Closet shelvings and rods
– Kitchen and Bathroom cabinetry

The cabinets are installed and then stained in place while the painter is painting the walls. You will see that they are currently unstained in the pictures.

I also told Dustin that we wanted to change the way our fence ties into the house. The way it usually is installed they tie it into the back corner of each side. This created a problem on the north side where the common area sidewalk is because of the way our house sits on the lot. It would have made our backyard awkwardly small and mis-shapen in the corner. So we brought the fence up from the back to tie in about 3/4 of the way up the north elevation. This accomplishes a few things – the backyard is now 25% larger, Mason’s window is inside the fence and Sammy will have a good area to use as his own dog run. The difference in linear footage was only about 15′ of fence but it really opened things up.

Here are the pictures I took today:


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